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Home-learning provision in cases of individual cases of self-isolation

Now that your child is isolating, please find guidance below surrounding the provision Woodhouse Academy has put into place to support you with home learning.


Before you begin, the following two documents provide parents / carers and students digital safety and wellbeing kits which you may find helpful before engaging with our online materials:






We are using both BBC Bitesize and the Oak National Academy, as well as other educational websites, as a means to provide students with high quality, on-line video lessons, revision notes and curriculum resources.


The image below provides some 'top tips' for creating a study area at home that will help you focus:



Equally, the video clip below provides you with a research-based insight into the most effective way to study. We recommend that you watch this before you begin any home studies so that you are working 'smarter' and not 'harder'.




We strongly suggest that you encourage your child to follow their daily school timetable as far as possible to ensure their learning remains broad and balanced.

Based on the NHS’s evidence-based ‘five steps to better mental wellbeing’ we have included a simple 5 A DAY framework that gives students and parents easy to follow, practical steps to achieve a healthy and balanced digital diet.


What to do:


1. Click on the relevant subject link below.





2. Select the subject your child intends to study.  This will open up the curriculum overview for the year. Along with information regarding the topic and key learning, you will also see the links to the Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize together with other tuition links such as Youtube, Duo Lingo etc.

Note - if, when you click on the images, you are not taken directly to the website, hold down the 'ctrl' button and then click.


https://thekings.staffs.sch.uk/page/fe90835194454fc698d005f74b064398/pic/60cacb0aa6a145cb9a0de3e7aa8e9ec9/full_width/check/BBC Bitesize popularity & fame | YouGovhttps://thekings.staffs.sch.uk/page/fe90835194454fc698d005f74b064398/pic/60cacb0aa6a145cb9a0de3e7aa8e9ec9/full_width/check/

3. Depending on the term, familiarise yourself with the key elements and watch the suggested video tutorials and/or consult the revision guides.

4. It is important that students demonstrate an understanding of the information they have been given. As such, your child needs to undertake one of the following activities to demonstrate they have engaged, understood and synthesised what they have learned. Or, if included, they can complete the activities linked to the tutorial or revision guide.




5. For PE, pupils should follow one of the child-friendly work outs made by Mrs Bowers and Mr Baddeley on their YouTube channel, or carry out a kids’ workoutby Joe Wicks. Ideally, pupils should carry these out in their gardens where possible to ensure they are getting some fresh air. Pupils also could devise their own physical activity, as long as it takes place within their own home or garden whilst they are isolating.

Mrs Bowers and Mr Baddeley’s YouTube channel:


The Body Coach Joe Wicks- work outs for Kids




Students are expected to:

  • Use the links on the school website to follow their usual school timetable as far as possible
  • Complete a task for every lesson


Parents are expected to:

  • encourage and support their children's work as much as possible - including: finding an appropriate place for their son/daughter to work, checking that set work is completed
  • create opportunities to test your child’s learning and understanding of the day by engaging in a question and answer session based on the content of their reflection activity. Here are some examples of good questions you might ask:



Home-learning provision in cases of whole year group/full school closures

In the event of a whole class/year group isolating, or a full school closure, students will be taught their whole timetable via live lessons on zoom by their teachers.

All students should access as many of these live lessons as possible and a register will be taken. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is available on all smartphones, tablets, lap tops and PCs with internet access.

Student timetables and meeting details will be emailed directly to parents/carers in the event of a partial or full closure for security reasons. In the unlikely event that a teacher is unable to carry out a live zoom lesson, we will email with you with as much notice as possible about the cancellation. Should this occur, pupils should be directed to the home-learning provisions above (for individual self-isolation) for that particular subject.

Please find below our live lesson code of conduct and our FAQs regarding zoom).




Choosing a book can be quite tricky at times, why not try the links below to help you select a book to read from home? We have also included a quiz to help you find the right book to match your personality. ðŸ˜Š

In other book related news, our fantastic reading team are currently working on book of the of the month for both KS2 and KS3, these will be released to you soon. ðŸ˜ŠðŸ“š














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