Support Staff 2017/18

Please find below a list of support staff for 2016/17: 

Inclusion Assistants      

Mrs R Wood

Teaching Assistant  
Miss K Barlow

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Ms S Brown

Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Galley

Assistant Inclusion Manager  

Ms D Graham

Teaching Assistant

Ms G Toft

Teaching Assistant (materinity leave)  

Mrs J O’Reilly

Teaching Assistant


Mrs M Palin

Pupil Support   
Cover Team

Mr T Baddeley


Mrs R Wood


Mrs S Goodwin


Ms D Graham

Library & Resource Co-ordinator     


 Mrs V Barry



Mrs S Valentine

Science Technician  
Mrs K Crellin

Food Technician


Office Staff


Mrs A Clack

Bursar & Health & Safety Manager with Facilities Management

Mrs P Graham

Operational Office Manager


Mrs C Phillips

Admin Assistant


Mrs C Spender

Assistant Finance Officer


Mr E Snow

ICT Technician




Mr A Wilcocks


Lunchtime Staff/Cleaner Staff


Mrs A Barlow

Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs J Butmaro

Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner & Janitor

Mrs A Dawson

Lunchtime Supervisor & Cleaner


Mrs B Kelly

Mrs J Murphy

Lunchtime Supervisor & Cleaner

Mrs S McClennan

Lunchtime Supervisor & Cleaner


Mrs T Smith



 Mrs C Unwin


Kitchen Staff


Mrs P Fallows


Mrs L Mycock


Mrs B Kelly

Ms R Washington