Multicultural Day

On Wednesday, as part of the Biddulph schools Faith in Focus week, Woodhouse Academy pupils enjoyed a whole range of activities, helping them to look at their own culture in new ways and opening their eyes to new perspectives.

One year group investigated Islamic stories and designs, made Atayef pancakes and found out about ‘the lady in black’. She turned out to be Mrs Qureshi, a British born Muslim, wearing a burka. She took the veil off and went on to deliver a very interesting and information packed session; she showed pupils topi, hijab, let them look through her veil, showed pictures and other artefacts and answered many, many questions! It left the pupils in no doubt about what is part of Islam and what isn't.

Other activities included Rangoli art and mandalas, yoga and Bollywood dancing and the creation of Zen gardens. Year 7 had a church experience and looked at aspects of the second world war – the Holocaust and code-breaking.

One of the most powerful sessions was for year 8 and led by Mohamed, who had been a refugee. It opened with a jigsaw puzzle. Pupils were asked to piece the puzzle together to show the world. Using post-it notes, pupils identified links with other countries, whether they knew people there or had simply visited. After that, Mohamed told his story, about how when he was a teenager, he had spent 3 months escaping from Afghanistan to avoid being killed by the Taliban.

Pupils drew on Mohamed’s experiences and their own imagination to write poems about

what it must feel like to have to flee your country and leave all your family and possessions behind.

Steven, year 8: ‘ The refugee’s life story made us really appreciate how lucky we are to live in the UK.’

Frankie, year 6: ‘ I really enjoyed the yoga; it made us feel really relaxed calm. One boy fell asleep!’

Josie, year 8: ‘ I loved learning about traditions I didn’t know before and really appreciated the visitors coming to share.’