Welcome To Woodhouse Academy

Principal's Vision Statement 

The ethos of Woodhouse rests on three principals: working hard, working together as a community and working for the future. 

We work to ensure that children feel secure and confident, supported and understood, and able to turn to those around them for guidance and encouragement. Our relationships are informed by values such as consideration, courage, resilience and aspiration. Working together ensures we bring out the best in one another. Our children are encouraged to appreciate and take pride in the community within which they live and to explore the wider community and opportunities presented beyond Biddulph.

We are unashamedly proud of our reputation as a school and achieve excellent results year on year. Extra-curricular opportunities are a real strength of ours: we have an extensive sporting programme; nutrition and cookery classes; history clubs; and modern foreign languages taster sessions. Supporting our pupils to participate in at least one club over the course of the year is really important to us: the most unexpected and wonderful things can happen when children are put in unfamiliar contexts and then blossom. 

As a learning community, we encourage our students to work through problems, rise to both academic and personal challenges, and understand that making mistakes is all part of lifelong learning. We are ambitious in our aspirations, but humble enough to accept that there is always more we can achieve. 

If our students feel confident and safe, and enjoy learning, then we believe they will rise to the high expectations we have of them and they in turn have of themselves. The pursuit of excellence is a journey rather than a destination - we work tirelessly to support our children to be the best they can be. 

We are a collaborative and purposeful community with excellent teaching and learning. Our children are at the heart of everything we do and nothing gives us more pleasure than watching them flourish, recognise their own strengths, and leave our school fully prepared for their onward journey.

As a Principal, my aim will always be to go above and beyond in my pursuit to ensure Woodhouse continues to be the nurturing, aspirational and happy place to learn and believe. 

Mrs D Farr 

Governors' Vision Statement

"To be recognised nationally as a leading middle school for pupil attainment and progress"