Google Expeditions

Virtual Field trips

Woodhouse academy was very fortunate this week to secure a place on the amazing Google Expeditions Pioneer programme where classes travel, using virtual reality to places all over the world and beyond. The aim is to immerse students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and give them a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

The equipment arrived in a box with everything needed for the travel: a tablet for the teacher and cardboard viewers and phones for every student. Teachers chose destinations linked to their curriculum subjects - from a tropical rainforest to the North Pole, from Egypt to outer space, and entire classes were instantly transported there!

Mrs Anne Carney, Assistant headteacher at Woodhouse Academy said: ‘Woodhouse pupils have visited Everest, the solar system and some of us have even swum with sharks today! All have returned safely and thoroughly enjoyed their expedition, courtesy of Google. Simple yet amazing equipment has enabled us to make our journeys today and we really enjoyed the educational experience. We have even been taught how to make our own virtual reality headsets!’

Pupils: Roxy Taylor and Erin Tavernor (5C) “When we went on the virtual field trip, we went on the solar system and saw all the planets and the sun. When we looked at the planets it felt like we were really in space and the sun looked huge. Google Expeditions was really interesting, fun and we would love to do it again.”

Jess Christley (6Mi) “We got to see what’s inside a heart and lungs – it helped us to understand our bodies more for PE.”

Maddie Mayes (Y8) “It was really good; you could see different things without going anywhere.”

Lucy Finneron (Y8) “I enjoyed it even though we were inside a heart; I preferred being in the sea